Geir OpdalI simply like to make stuff. So I make stuff. I draw, paint, make stuff in wood, in leather, metal… whatever material I find interesting. I have aways been drawing. And in my late teens, I decided I wanted to try to become an artist by profession. Took some schooling, and a few years in private studies with a Norwegian painter, from whom I learned a lot. I have had some exhibitions over the years, but my career didn’t go as well as I had planned (does any ones really?). So after many years I started to think new. Amongst other I did the game graphics for a massively multiplayer online game called Illyriad. That was a really fun task that I learn a lot from. But I ended up with music. More specifically experimental electronic ambient. Or as I call my music, Extreme Electronica. I call myself Untermensch. (I will link to this beneath this text)
I have however taken up drawing again. Truth is, I could never truly stop making pictoral art. I simply love to let my fantasy run wild through my graphite pencils to see what weird creature or alien landscape I will end up with. Much the same as in my music. Here I use much the same way of thinking and composing as in my painting and drawing. I often say I paint with sound.