Inktober 2018. Its on.

GeirFood for inspiration

Unfortunatly I dodn’t have the time to draw on the Continuum today. Hopefully tomorrow 🙂 My idea was some kind of bony rings intertwined and floting in the sky. Might not be my best work, but then again I did go for a sketchy look. So maybe its not that … Read More

Inktober 2017. I’ll give it a go.

GeirFood for inspiration

Inktober 1 This is my first attempt on Inktober. I have been playing a bit with pens and ink lately (images will come), and find the constrictions of black and white exciting. I got inspired to try this challenge when seeing my good friend Yngvill Hopens awesome inktober drawing of ... Read More

Homemade drawing charcoal

GeirDiy stuff

I found it only fitting that I gave these pieces of wood new life in the form of this drawing of an old forrest landscape. This drawing is of course very inspired by the forrests and landscape around Breiset where I am staying while writing this article. Its full of … Read More

Inspirations, infulations and trees.

GeirFood for inspiration

Moebius (picture above and below this text) is an artist which, if you do not know of, I urge you to get some of his graphic novels if you are into sci-fi. They will blow you mind. His drawing style have been a huge influence on me since I first … Read More

Wip for “Beneath outside”

GeirThe evolution of a piece

This is a little work-in-progress, or WIP for short. It’s a charcoal drawing, and it’s a challenge I gave my self. First off I just let the charcoal run a bit wild on the paper to create a messy surface with blurry shapes. I used a brush and eraser to ... Read More