Inktober 2018. Its on.

GeirFood for inspiration

Back on the ink So its that time of year again, inktober. Since last year was such a success for me, where I finally cracked the ink-code, I have decided to jump on it this year aswell. I wont follow the prompt list this year either, but rather follow my … Read More

Inktober 2017. I’ll give it a go.

GeirFood for inspiration

Inktober 1 This is my first attempt on Inktober. I have been playing a bit with pens and ink lately (images will come), and find the constrictions of black and white exciting. I got inspired to try this challenge when seeing my good friend Yngvill Hopens awesome inktober drawing of ... Read More

Homemade drawing charcoal

GeirDiy stuff

Today I had an awesome hike in the woods of Breiset where me and two friends have a little cabin. I got some really amazing inspirational views of both huge vistas and some of the wierdest and most bizarrely twisted pinetrees I have seen. We hiked about 6,5 km in ... Read More

Inspirations, infulations and trees.

GeirFood for inspiration

Today I had to take a bike ride downtown to get some pencil lead. I discovered yesterday that I lacked two fundamentally important grades, B and 2B. So I headed down to Christ Engebretsen & Son to see if they had this. They was of course sold out for the ... Read More

Wip for “Beneath outside”

GeirThe evolution of a piece

This is a little work-in-progress, or WIP for short. It’s a charcoal drawing, and it’s a challenge I gave my self. First off I just let the charcoal run a bit wild on the paper to create a messy surface with blurry shapes. I used a brush and eraser to ... Read More