Inktober 2017. I’ll give it a go.

GeirFood for inspiration

Inktober 1
This is my first attempt on Inktober. I have been playing a bit with pens and ink lately (images will come), and find the constrictions of black and white exciting. I got inspired to try this challenge when seeing my good friend Yngvill Hopens awesome inktober drawing of three goats from the Norwegian fairy tale “Three Billy Goats”. No its all just a matter of remembering to make a new drawing every day. I’ll try to post the new image daily.

Inktober No 1

Inktober 2
An odd little thing put together in the last minute due to rat hunting in the evening. Yup, we’ve got rats. And not the cute white ones. We’ve got the big wild ones. It seems our neighbor house has had a rat problem that now have infected our house. Luckily they are just on the outside for now, and there has been caught about 20 rats in traps put out in the joining appartments in this house. Myself, I haven’t caught one single rat in my trap. Kinda makes me glad I don’t have to hunt for my meat. I might had gone hungry.

Inktober No 2

Inktober 3
Thought I’d try a more classic organisism this time. Not sure I think that worked to well though. A tad boring. I feel more comfortable in a wilder style with ink. Anywho, thats the point of Inktober; exploring .
More ink tomorrow. Now, it’s time for housework. A lot more boring.

Inktober No 3

Inktober 4
This time around I felt like introducing the creatures from two previous drawings for one another. So I thought I’d let them have a conversation. And to illustrate this, I made a small piece of music to illustrate the illustration, simply called “Converse”. I made this piece on my modular synth.

Inktober No 4

Inktober 5
Didnt get the time to post this yesterday. Anwho, this time I wanted to try out some ink wash. It was a rather scary experiance. I have never done this, and it is a rather definite process. When the ink is down, it stays there. No redoes.
The idea in this drawing is simple. My creatures is on an exploration up to the top of some weird structures. I wonder what they will discover up there.

Inktober No 5

Inktober 6
Didnt have much time today since I had to go to work. So I simply drew a window. More spesifically, its loosely based on the window in the staircase of the Deichmaske Library here in Oslo. Yesterday I attended a noise concert there, and waiting in line to get to the toilet inbetween to artists, I stood watching this window and letting me get inspired by its beautiful shape and its old materials.

Inktober No 6

Inktober 7
I have just realized that I haven’t really drawn much fur. And certainly not with ink.
I leave this with a lot of white space, so that I might come back to it later.

Inktober No 7

Inktober 8
I had fun drawing this one. I Started out feeling like drawing a leeklike plant, and after a while I felt in needed a little contrast. So I figured a snail would be fun. That would give it more life and movement… well, sort of movement.
I’m quit pleased with the result. And again, I find the ink lends itself really well to these simple line drawings.

Inktober 8

Inktober 9
This was not the most inspired on. I had little time today, so I hade to just scribble down something. Its suppose to be a flower with mouth with teeth on the end of some roots, all made in a classic schematics tradition. Oh well, it is what it is. At least I didnt break the streak in this my first Inktober.

Inktober 10

Inktober 10
I hade a really fun time today with this one. Back in the game again. The game of making up fantastic beast. This one is a squidlike animal tha flys with the help of its gasfilled balloon on its back. The amount of gas, and thus the altitude, is beeing regulated with a vent on the side of its head. I might have to revisit this animal later.

Inktober 10

Inktober 11
A little fantasy over a swordfish. Not much to say really. It was fun to design and draw, even though it didn’t quite turned out the way I imagined. But hey! Sometimes that happens.

Inktober No 11

Inktober 12
No 12 started out as smoke, and ended up as… something cool.

Inktober No 12

Inktober 13
Tired after my journey back to Oslo today. As illustrated.
I have to find out what these creatures is called. They are mysterious and oddly titillating.

Inktober No 13

Inktober 14
Didnt have the time to do Inktober yesterday, since I was in a birthday party all day yesterday. So I had to catch up today. Here’s no 14.

Inktober No 14

Inktober 15
No 15. A tentacled plant. I think the tentacles are poisonous, but I’m not sure.
Once again, i experienced how well ink lends itself to a clean line style like this. I am really enjoying this.

Inktober No 15

Inktober 16
No 16 is a revisiting of my floating creature in a more natural habitat.
I still don’t know what this species is called, but I do know its a part of the Hammerhead world.

Inktober No 16

Inktober 17
A huge mountain wall. Drawn with Pental Pocket Brush and Micron 0.05 and Copic liner 0.03. Just found out they have replacement nbs for the letter at Christ Engebretsen here in Oslo. Which is good, course I love that 0.03 gauge

Inktober No 17

Inktober 18
I had such fun drawing the mountain wall yesterday, I’d thought I’d go for a whole rocky landscape. A little sci-fi scene with the stone rose of the ‘Kahaulh people on the little known seventh planet in the Berhinger system.

Inktober No 18

Inktober 19
It might be e stone creature, it might just be a rock formation. Its on other planets as it is in the Norwegian woods. You never know if its a troll or simply a root.

Inktober No 19

Inktober 20
Finally, no 20. I will get some serious updating to to next week. I wont be able to finish todays drawing tomorrow, neither tomorrows. Good I have a week in the cabin in the woods next week then 🙂
Anywho, some new other plantary plantlife this time.

Inktober No 20

Inktober 21
A new plant with a huge egglike flower in the middle. I wanted something simple, allthough it might av become overly simple. My excuse is I hava had too much to do, so I haven’t had much drawing time unfortunatly.

Inktober No 21

Inktober 22
Another flower-fantasy. Fairly simple, made at work while we all were watching a movie.

Inktober No 22

Inktober 23
Finelly in our cabin on the mountain. Lovely nature around here, so my plan have been to take pens and paper outside to draw from the nature around here. Unfortunatly, it seems to keep on raining. I thus ended up simply drawing the vista from the table where we eat. Drawn with Mavy For Drawing Brush.

Inktober No 23

Inktober 24
Stil one behind. But this one is a dancing forrest lady in the shape of a pine tree, that dance for me every time I walk up to our cabin.
Pen used, Marvy For Drawing Brush Pen. An awesome brush pen.

Inktober No 24

Inktober 25
#Inktober2017. Still behind, but here is no 25. Another scene from here at Breiset, more accuratly from Monsevann.

Inktober No 25

Inktober 26
Another scene from Breiset.
Pen used, Marvy For Drawing Brush Pen.

Inktober No 26

Inktober 27
Going back to where I like it best, in my own fantasy. Still highly inspired from Breisets nature though 🙂
Still use the Marvy Brush Pen, but here I have also used a Copic 0.03 Multiliner for the clouds and a Mavy 0.05 for the picture frame.

Inktober No 27

Inktober 28
Last one today of Inktober. No 28, and almost back on track. Only one behind. A bit darker and a bit more sinister looking scene from Breiset.

Inktober No 28

Inktober 29
Two more to go, and I am done 🙂
This one is a small, dark fantasy from back home in Bergen. A nice way to combine both the rock texture I have developed, and the tree method I have accuired.

Inktober No 29

Inktober 30
Officially I didn’t make it, though managing 29 drawings in 31 days, is still a win in my book.
This time I went all dark. I like it dark.
Yet another attempt to combine the rock and tree textures. I feel they compliment each other very well.

Inktober No 30