This was my first full cover work. Its for Riegs Absynth album, a floating synthesizer album in the Berlinerscool style. So here we wanted a play around synthesizers and Absinth. My idea was that the synth and electronics became the sugarcube through which the Absinth is slowly poured, and the electric current mixed into the Absinthe via the wires. Thus creating the dream that is the music.
Tools I have used here is Apophysis to create the fractal images, and then they are mixed together in Photoshop. The rest of the paintjob is also done in Photoshop.
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You might have seen the washing instruction label with text as “Remove child before wash” on facebook. Well, this famous meme sparked an inspiration in the minds of the two sorcerers Roar Borge and me. This had to become an album. An album where the pieces would bear the names of these instruction.
And of course, the label had to have a main role in the cover design as well. While the idea of the little cassette player inside a bag crocheted with tape from an old cassette tape (no less then a Pink Floyd album), crocheted by Mirjam Kehlin. came from the wild mind that resides within the scull of Roar Borge, I took it upon me to design the pamphlet and the inlay for the plastic cover.
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We had to have one of those as well, since the tapehead might ruin the tape if the cassette was to be store in the player. Seeing as the inspiration came from an instruction label for cloth washing, cloth also had to be a part of the design. That is why I used a denim texture for the cassette label. The pamphlette contains information about the whole project, like instruments, the inspiration, track list and so on.
We also held a concert while we worked on this album, and used the recording of that as a base for one more track. This concert followed the album on the bathing duck. A duck that had a usb memory stick jammed down its neck.

In 2018 a member of the facebook group Unts Unts, Plinks and Plonks (a group for electronic music), Morten Birkeland Nielsen (check out his music here), thought it a great idea to compile an album with the artists of the group. After a lot of effort and work, he managed to gather 27 artists who wanted to participate. Myself included. I also got the honourable assignment to make the cover for the album.

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